Travis Van Slooten
Local SEO Consultant

Founder of TVS Internet Marketing, LLC

I have been a full-time Internet Marketer specializing in SEO since 2005. Through the years I've been an Internet Marketing assistant, eBay seller, affiliate marker, website buyer and seller, and now local SEO consultant. Here is a brief look at my Internet Marketing journey starting with my most recent experiences..

2012 - To Present: Local SEO Consultant & Founder of TVS Internet Marketing, LLC.

I launched TVS Internet Marketing, LLC. in the beginning of 2012. As a Local SEO Consultant, I provide three core services to small businesses throughout the country to help them increase their visibility and sales online. Those core services include:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Local SEO Services
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Other Internet Marketing services I provide include email marketing, social media, and blogging. Whether a business has limited visibility online or has been around the block for a while and has a large "Internet footprint" that needs to be expanded even more, I can help.

I love working with small businesses and having the opportunity to help them grow their business online. Nothing is more satisfying than reading an email from a client thanking me for helping them generate more sales through the Internet.

After doing so many different things online through the years as an Internet Marketer, I have finally discovered my true passion: helping small businesses succeed online!

2011: Affiliate Marketer and SEO Consultant

Throughout 2011 I sold the remaining authority affiliate websites I owned and I got out of affiliate marketing completely. I didn't like the long-term prospects of the business model and quite honestly, I was getting burned out on affiliate marketing. I had a brief stint as an independent contractor where I provided my affiliate marketing and SEO expertise to an Internet Marketing company based in Dallas, TX. While I was doing that, I met another Internet Marketer with a specialty in SEO. We had numerous conversations throughout 2011 and ultimately we started a SEO company together called, NorthStar SEO, LLC. We worked with small businesses throughout the country as SEO consultants.

While we had success during our short time running the business together, we realized quickly the partnership wasn't going to work. We had different ideas of how we wanted to run the business and where we wanted to take it. We decided it made more sense if one of us left the company and pursued their own business so my partner bought my shares of the company. It was a friendly buyout and even to this day we do business together. After the buyout, I immediately launched TVS Internet Marketing, LLC.

2010: Affiliate Marketer and Website Buyer & Seller

In the beginning of 2010 I continued to manage my affiliate websites but I also discovered you could sell your websites on and make good money in the process. Because I was in real estate prior to becoming an Internet Marketer in 2005, the idea of buying and selling virtual real estate was very intriguing. I continued to manage my authority sites as an Affiliate Marketer, but I was spending more and more time selling my websites (and buying websites too). At one point I bought FlipWebsites, which was a one-page sales page for a cheesy ebook on buying and selling websites. I turned it into an authority blog and provided advice and tips to other website buyers and sellers. Most of my time in 2010 was spent on building up the blog. I eventually sold it in the fall of 2010.

2006 – 2009: Affiliate Marketer with a Specialty in SEO

In the beginning of 2006, I continued working for my friend occasionally but spent the majority of my time selling sports cards on eBay and working on my website. I continued to soak up everything I could on SEO through my "SBI training" so that I could get my website ranked high in the search engines.

While doing all this, Sydney Johnston (see below) introduced me to an exclusive private forum online where I quickly joined. That forum is no longer around today, but with all the help and guidance I got through the Internet Marketers I networked with in that forum, my Internet Marketing career took off.

I quit working for my friend completely and I closed the doors of my eBay business. I concentrated on affiliate marketing full-time. For the first time, I was making "real" money online. I became an expert on search engine optimization and was very good at getting my sites ranked high on Google and the other major search engines. From 2006 through 2009 I was a full-time Affiliate Marketer, specializing in search engine optimization.

The most successful authority websites I built (and eventually sold for thousands of dollars) included:

* The person that bought this site from me completely destroyed it and turned it into a cheesy site without any real content. When I owned it, it was one of the best resources on the Internet on how to get honest and ethical information about hoodia.

2005: Part-Time Internet Marketing Assistant & eBay Seller

My Internet Marketing journey started when I became a part-time assistant to a good friend of mine who was a highly successful affiliate marketer. He specialized in pay-per-click (PPC). By working for him I learned a lot about affiliate marketing and PPC.

While working for my friend part-time, I stumbled upon a very successful Internet Marketer and eBay seller, Sydney Johnston. She was the instructor of, The Auction Genius Course. I enrolled in the course and learned everything I could about selling on eBay. I eventually started my own eBay business where I bought football and baseball card collections from people locally and then broke up the collections and sold cards individually on eBay. I operated my eBay business under the name of "vanlandsellers." There's a long story behind that name that I won't go into here, but suffice it to say that's the name I went with. I used that name for years but recently changed by eBay ID to "travisvanslooten." My eBay business was a lot of work for very little money but it was a tremendous learning experience.

Towards the end of 2005, I also launched my first website, I promoted various fitness products and services on the site as an affiliate marketer. The website was built on the SBI platform. It was through SBI that I learned search engine optimization – what it was and how to do it the right way (i.e. the "white hat" way).